The Story of 

Hi! Those of you who know me and my story, you can scroll down; for the ones who don’t – I am Sameer Altaf, teacher of accounting at The Coach! I have been teaching O and A levels since I was a university student. Once I started teaching, there was no going back. I was a senior teacher of accounting at Mastermind School (Dhaka) for 6 years which I recently left to focus more on my Coach family. Yes, at Coach, we are all part of a big family! It’s not just teaching, it’s more of mentoring and helping young minds grow.
I love cricket (I am an excellent player, just ask around ;p) and traveling. I am more of a lal cha person than coffee. I think superman is way cooler than batman. Afridi is absolutely better than Sehwag. IG over snapchat. Friends over Himym. Argentina better than Brazil and so on!!